In case trusts are the optimal tool for you to protect your wealth, we can support you through its constitution and management.


Trusts are a perfect means for family wealth protection and to hold all types of assets in one safe and tax-efficient place.

We can help you set up the best type of trust for your needs, being it a bare trust, a discretionary trust, or a fixed interest trust; and individuate the trustee, the person or organization that will be independent, detain legal ownership of the assets and hold them for the benefit of the beneficiaries according to a set of conditions and rights.


Correctly managing the trust over time with flexibility and speed is also very important.

For this reason, we support you in centralizing your assets, make sure they are secure and well protected, we maintain their tax-efficiency, uphold the best interest of the beneficiaries, exercise the requisite level of care and confidentiality in protecting and preserving your family assets.

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