Venture Capital & Private Equity

If you choose to acquire residency or citizenship by investing in private equity or venture capital, these are our services to support you throughout the entire process.

Target selection

Selecting the best, most suitable reality for your needs is essential when planning on acquiring residency or citizenship by investment.

We can support you by scouting a multi-sector market, presenting you a list of potential private equity or venture capital investments in the desired country, and guiding through your final decision.

Due diligence & evaluation

Once chosen the target reality for your investment, we will act promptly in business and legal due diligence with clear procedures not only to assure you a smooth and risk-free operation, but also to assess truthful financial value to both risks and opportunities.

Negotiation and purchase support

After the due diligence process and final evaluation of the investment, we will plan out a negotiation strategy based on comprehensive facts and figures with detailed criteria on how to conduct the purchase according to the specific sensitivities at stake.


Our work does not end with the purchase. Indeed, we keep supporting you in the day-to-day management of your investment in the desired country.

Sale support

Even when your investment must come to an end, we offer our services in evaluating a correct sale price and ease you of the burden of following all the necessary steps up to the conclusion of the deal.

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Talk with us and get further information

Any question? Talk with us and get further information