Real estate

If you choose to acquire residency or citizenship in Portugal or any other eligible country by purchasing a real estate property, our team can support you with a range of relevant services.

Target selection

The purchase of a real estate property in Portugal, or another destination country, is one of the most common types of investment when applying for either residency or citizenship. So, the selection of the property is an essential step in the process of becoming a global citizen.

We can support you by scouting the market, presenting you with a list of properties fit for your investment, and guiding you through your final decision.

Due diligence & evaluation

Once you have chosen the right property for your investment, we put our real estate expertise into action for all due diligence screenings.

The result of the process will be a truthful assessment of the value of the property, in order to assure you a smooth, rewarding, and risk-free operation.

Negotiation and purchase support

After establishing the value of the property, we will plan out a negotiation strategy to grant you the best bargaining power in the acquisition phase and guide you on how to conduct the purchase according to the specific sensitivities at stake.


When the property is acquired, we can provide an array of services for day-to-day management to make sure your new home is always taken care of.

Also, if you wish to make income out of this property, we can assist you in marketing it properly through various international rental services.

Sale support

Even when your investment must come to an end, we offer our services in evaluating a correct sale price of the property and ease you of the burden of following all the necessary steps up to the conclusion of the deal.

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Talk with us and get further information

Any question? Talk with us and get further information