Investment Funds

If you choose to apply for residency in Portugal by acquiring units of investment funds, we can provide you with all the necessary information to make a final decision


Among the many options to obtain a Portuguese investor visa, the applicant may choose to acquire units in an investment fund that must be Golden Visa eligible, thus granting access to the residency by investment program.

Our support in this instance consists in providing you with a list of reference funds in order to help you finalize your decision; however, as an independent agency, we do not act as brokers or intermediaries for any investment funds and cannot sale or suggest any specific financial investment.

In order to obtain residency by investing in a fund, the applicant is required to transfer 350,000€ for the purchase of units of investment funds dedicated to the capitalization of companies under the Portuguese legislation, whose maturity at the moment of the investment has to be of at least 5 years and 60% of the investment is realized in commercial companies headquartered on the national territory.

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Any question? Talk with us and get further information