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International Tax Planning: Whether in Portugal or Italy, our expertise allows us to relieve you of all personal tax burdens, optimize processes and savings, respect compliance.


Individuals who wish to become global citizens may be interested in the Portuguese non-habitual residency regime.

Through our services we can help you apply to and benefit from this regime, which confers the right to tax benefits for the duration of 10 years to all those who acquire a Portuguese residency.

In order to qualify, you must possess the right to legally reside in Portugal for at least 183 nonconsecutive days a year and not having resided in the past 5 years.

The non-habitual resident tax regime is particularly interesting for high net worth individuals who have international income and high value-added activities (e.g. engineers, physicians, IT developers, etc.): the possibility to enjoy tax exemptions on foreign sources of income, 20% flat tax rate for revenues deriving from certain professions (high value-added activities) performed in Portugal, tax exemption for inheritance to direct family members, and exemption from wealth tax.


The Italian government has implemented a special tax regime for individuals who acquire Italian residency.

Through our services we can help you apply to and benefit from this regime, which confers the right to significant tax benefits for the duration of 5 years, extendible to an additional 5 years if certain requirements are met.

The exemption from individual income tax amounts to 70% of the total income the new residents originate in Italy, though the exemption rises to 90% in case the new resident relocates to a southern region (i.e. Abruzzo, Molise, Campania, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria, Sardinia, Sicily); this exemption is open to either employees, self-employed workers, or entrepreneurs as long as they have resided outside of Italy in the past 2 years, are committed to reside in Italy for at least 2 years and the working activity is mainly performed on the Italian territory.

In addition to this individual income tax regime, other preferential tax regimes are available for:

  • professors and researchers, who can enjoy a 90% exemption on income taxation for 5 years;
  • pensioners, who are granted a 7% flat tax for 5 years on foreign income;
  • high net worth individuals, who are reserved a special €100,000 lump sum for 15 years as substitute tax on foreign income.

Personal tax planning & compliance

Regardless of your target country, we are here to help you achieve your financial goals and optimize tax savings.

This translates into thorough tax planning and compliance work: correct submission of tax returns, respect of tax payment deadlines, fringe benefits calculation, and social security obligations.

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