Management services

Once established your company abroad, we can assist you in everyday tasks with our corporate management services.

Still haven’t established your company abroad? Magwind will guide you through the process.

Independent Directorship

Among our services, we provide our clients’ newformed companies with independent directorship.

In fact, when forming a company abroad, it is strategical to appoint a local independent director who possesses the right competences and expertise to ensure an effective management and conduct of the company.

Registered office and secretarial services

The day-to-day tasks involved in running a company are many and complex, so we provide a full range of management services to relieve you of the burden of continuous corporate obligations.

  • Firstly, we offer the opportunity to register the office in a convenient location so we can take care of all administration tasks for you.
  • Secondly, we provide secretarial services to maintain the statuary books and records, file required forms and returns, and ensure adherence to the company’s responsibilities.

Accounting & compliance

We support you in all bookkeeping, accounting and compliance tasks, making sure everything is done correctly and reliably to allow you to make informed decisions for your business with minimum risks and maximum profit.

Any question?
Talk with us and get further information

Any question? Talk with us and get further information