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Investor Visa for Italy program

Acquiring residency by investment in Italy allows you to have access to all Schengen countries, to appreciate an enhanced level of personal freedom and independence, to seize the opportunity to live and work in Italy, to enjoy beneficial tax regimes.

Freedom of movement is a basic need for any individual. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have witnessed how external factors can heavily impact on global mobility and we have realized how important it is to have a safe plan B to grant us that very same freedom of movement.

Residency by investment programs are among the easiest and most interesting ways to obtain complete freedom and possibly gain return on investments. For this reason, we offer an array of integrated services that lay their foundations on investment migration and a solid experience to grant you the maximization of this life enhancing decision.

Why going for
an alternative residency?
  • Better lifestyle: the freedom of global citizenship and the possibility to diversify your interests and key assets.
  • More security: the enjoyment of residence status in a country that offers enhanced personal security and privacy.
  • Real Estate: the savvy combination of international property ownership and residency rights.
  • Limitless opportunities: the achievement of more business ventures, enhanced mobility, better education, tax advantages, and profitable investments.
Why Italy
  • One of the world’s top economies and markets
  • A connection hub for global markets
  • A global player in manufacturing and export
  • A competitive machinery sector and skillful workforce
  • An excellence in innovation and R&D
  • Strong policies and incentives to favor competitiveness
  • A pro-business and pro-growth administration
  • An openness to foreign investments
  • Top notch medical care and education institutions
  • Unique cultural offer and world-renowned “Made in Italy” brand
  • Visa-free travels to all Schengen countries

“There is a peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have a safe route that is absolutely priceless. To have a place where you can be truly free and enjoy life.”


Nicholas from the United States of America

“Being from India, I wanted to make sure my children had more opportunities and possibilities to build a future abroad. With this visa, I know that they will have access to better education and institutions.”


Dev from India

“Safety for me and my loved ones was my main concern. Now, I can confidently say that I have it and that this was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”


Ivan from South Africa

“I come from a beautiful place with many threats to my personal safety and wellbeing. So I decided to apply for residency to another beautiful place that allows me to live freely with no fears for me and my family.”


Joaquim from Brazil


Residency in Italy

A residency in Italy grants you a renewed level of independence, allows to broaden your personal and financial scope of action, and does not require you to permanently stay in the country. You can join the program by investing in pivotal areas for Italian economy and society, thus obtaining a visa that is valid for two years and can be renewed indefinitely for three-year cycles for all foreigners who invest or make a donation in Italy.

The investor visa can only be issued to non-EU citizens with no criminal record and for a single investment in government bonds, in stakes or shares of companies incorporated and operating on the national territory, in philanthropic donations and, most interestingly, in stakes or shares in innovative startups. The investment must be directed to a single one of these entities and remain in place for the entire duration of the visa.

We can support you in seeking investment opportunities in Italian companies and innovative startups, along with full due diligence processes and investment management and control during the holding period.

The startup
visa scheme

This is one of the most innovative residency by investment schemes in Europe, as it provides an interesting and unique option for individuals seeking to establish themselves in a European country. The Italian government grants residency to those who invest a minimum of €250,000 in innovative startups on the national territory; these companies must have as main field of activity the development, production and marketing of innovative goods or services, and must be listed in the public registry for innovative startups. Once obtained, the residency is valid for two years with renewal and, after ten years as a visa holder, you are entitled to apply to the Italian citizenship.
If this is your investment of choice, we will take care of the entire application process and advise you on the most interesting and fruitful startups.

The flat
tax regime

The acquisition of an investor visa in Italy allows you to have access to special tax regime and major fiscal benefits. Of particular relevance the advantageous flat tax for residency holders who permanently move to Italy: these high net worth individuals are reserved a special €100,000 lump sum for 15 years as substitute tax on foreign income. This means that if you are a High-Net-Worth Individual with foreign investments and assets producing passive incomes such as dividends, interests and royalties you could significantly reduce your tax burden. Furthermore, the special tax regime levy inheritance and donation tax on foreign assets.
Along with the Lump Sum Tax regime there are other possibilities for individuals willing to move their residence to the Southern regions of Italy. This could mean a flat tax rate on all foreign incomes of 7 or 10%.

Italian citizenship program

After five years of residency through the Investor Visa for Italy program, you may apply to a permanent residency permit. Also, after ten years of residency, the investors are allowed to apply for Italian citizenship by naturalization. However, EU citizens have the possibility to apply for citizenship after only four years of residency. Of particular relevance is the fact that the Italian government allows dual citizenships.

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Our advisory process

We provide a clear and straightforward advisory process, to make sure that all steps run smoothly.

  1. Free preliminary consultation to establish the client’s needs
  2. Evaluation of the best solution and consequent proposal
  3. Client agreement
  4. Management and coordination of all documentation and relationship with authorities during the entire process
  5. Obtainment of the Italian investor visa
  6. Follow up consultancy
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